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Daniel chen

Daniel F. Chen

Instagram: @dfcwebs

+12 years of Experience in Web Design

Experience: International Trade and Online Trade

Hobbies: Websites and Movies

Position: Process Management and Design

Knowledge: PM, Accounting, Email Marketing, Photoshop, CSS, Html, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Zoho, Chrome, Trello, CRM, Gsuite, SEO. 

Johan von Lindeman

Johan von lindeman

Instagram: @perisseo

+15 years of Experience in Web Design

Experience: Systems Engineer, Art and Designs, Programming

Hobbies: Coffee and Video Games

Position: Project and Programming Administrator

Knowledge: Illustrator, CSS, Html, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Zoho, Chrome, Trello, CRM, Gsuite, SEO, SEM, 


Our History in Web Design

2007 2009

Dreamweaver + Photoshop

CMS, Joomla, Drupal

The Design was created in Photoshop and Dreamweaver was used to create the links and the css of the designs and we used Joomla and Drupal to manage the content


2009 2011

WIX and Weebly

Drag and Drop Technologies

We started working on designs in Drag and Drop, they were the first designs Easy to create, but they had many cons in terms of creating web pages.


2011 2014

Facebook & Instagram and more

Integration of Social Networks to Web Pages

We saw the possibility of redirecting users of Social Networks to Web Pages, for Sales of Products and Services. Through the Boom of Social Networks, new possibilities were opened.



2015 2017

WordPress, Shopify, E-commerce

Ecommerce and Content Marketing

We begin a new stage, where online sales are not only the result of prices, but of influencers, reviews, speed and HD. Already with the 4G era and the Smartphone, the customer market in the digital era is prone to consume High-quality Photos and Videos in a matter of seconds. The era of Landing Pages and Online Stores begins, interconnected with Social Networks.


2018 2019

Cloud Base Systems

Corporate Database and Integrated Business Systems

CRM, POS, Inventory, Accounting, Contacts, Email, Video Conferencing, Sales, and more. Integrated Systems for Automation of Workflows and Sales.





2020 2021

SEO, Google Analytics, Ads, Display and More

Digital Marketing & Cross Platform Driven Sales

With the arrival of the Pandemic, we began helping our clients to market their services and products through Google, one of the most used platforms worldwide. From Ads to WEB Positioning, these are the services that have stood out for us due to the good results our clients have had.


WebArt Panama

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Created Web Pages

Created Arts


Completion of Projects

Satisfied customers

We have worked with Johan von Lindeman for more than 3 years, on design and website issues, successfully.

Heineken Panama

From Design to Development, Johan von Lindeman has supported us directly. We have received the contracted works satisfactorily.

Coronado Luxury Suites

We are satisfied with the work done by WebArt Panama

Lung Fung Palace

We built our website, thanks to the help of WebArt Panama. Just what we wanted.

America Store

With more than 5000 skus in store, we have been able to launch our E-Commerce Online Store, thanks to the support of WebArt Panama

Barú Panama

WebArt Panama