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What is EAT and its Importance for SEO?

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If you are interested in knowing everything about positioning, you may have to take into account what the EAT is and how it can affect your brand. Find out more about this.
First of all, we must understand that it is a term that comes from English. EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This term began to be used in 2018, when Google changed its positioning algorithm. It is not an aspect that is absolutely necessary for all web pages, but those that need it, must really work it to obtain good results. We explain ourselves: the EAT can be optimized in all searches, but some sites need it more than others. That is, this factor should be considered for all those sites that seek to become a relevant authority with information that may be susceptible. In this sense, Google will never position a website that talks about medical topics and with a high content index with inaccuracies or misleading studies. As it depends on the nature of the information, some potential writing issues could turn into serious problems. None of that happens with other areas, such as clothing, decoration or beauty. Therefore, the EAT will depend on the type of website you use.

YMYL sites

For this year, the algorithms used by automatic information search systems, which can also be called Artificial Intelligence (AI), will play a much more important and crucial role when it comes to positioning a website.

If we think about its beginnings, these systems were only used to search for information based on a keyword that people provided. In addition, they did not have the memory to adapt to the tastes of each user or their behavior. Current technology has turned this situation around completely and now they are able to carry out these and other actions.

It is said that the AI ​​used by information management companies on the Internet will be able to begin to determine more effectively if a site has valuable information or is relevant. They will do this through the interaction that people have on the site they accessed in search of something specific.











That is, the better these quality standards, the better SEO positioning you can have to become an authority in your sector.
what is the EAT / Magnifier on the keyboard

EA-Ts criteria

When it comes to measuring the relevance and authority of a website with YMYL features, different factors are followed that are useful not only to satisfy Google search, but to see how reliable the information published in an article is. If the data is accurate, relevant and novel, the EAT standard will rise. Therefore, it is important to know the factors that you should consider when writing content that positions, but is also reliable.


One of the main issues. A writer on a sensitive subject, such as health, must have experience in the medical field. It is even convenient that you be an expert in your field and that you only dedicate your writing work as a complement to your main work, which will be related to explaining various topics. In this sense, there are two types of experts:

Workers with formal experience.

All those professionals who have verified authorizations, such as a university degree, are likely to belong to this group. In this sense, the better known a person is, the more likely Google will consider them as an authority in the sector.

Life's experiences.

Unlike the first, here we are talking about content generators who do not necessarily have a university degree to talk about a complicated topic, but can provide subjective first-person experiences to help others. For example, those who have experienced a disease and decide to share what happened to them.
In any case, Google will consider them eligible as experience.


Authority is directly related to the previous field. Basically, this is someone who can be trusted in their field and can bring not only real experience, but also knowledge that can be certified to act as a true thought leader. This does not mean that the writer has to be recognized, as there are many professionals with authority who do not appear in the large media or are influencers in their areas. In reality, authority is achieved when other websites believe that your information is reliable and link their posts to your website. Google interprets that, the more your brand appears on more websites, the more relevant it will be. The explanation is simple: no one would dare to link a study with little credibility, since that would diminish the authority of the page itself. Therefore, you can get a backlink strategy to improve this aspect.


what is the EAT / global connection
Also known as trust, several factors come in here for a website to be secure. Basically, that it is optimized to help the user, that it is easy to access and that there are no sections on the platform that violate the data or privacy of each of the navigators. If a web page indicates who its creators are, Google will probably believe that it is much more trustworthy than another in which it does not indicate who is behind it. In other words, an "anonymous" website will give less credibility than one that has posts with signatures, something that will also help position the personal brand. Here it also matters what are the appointments you make. If you generate external links to web pages that are not of authority, Google probably considers that you are incurring in bad SEO practices. Therefore, your confidence will decrease and you will tend to be in the last positions of the searches. As you can see, there are many factors that help SEO positioning. When a website begins to work on user searches, it is most likely that it only uses keywords and does not take into account that the content goes beyond the simple use of keywords: it is also important to provide good information. Now that you know what the EAT is, you will realize that these criteria are more important in some areas than in others, but they should always be good practices so that all the content we write is of quality and the information we read in the Web. We hope we have helped you!
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