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What Are Rich Snippets and Their Importance in 2021?

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Do you know how important rich snippets are? Next, all the information that you must take into account for your website

If you wondered what are rich snippetsYou should know that the second word refers to the combination of the title, a description and the link to a website that appear within Google searches. As for the first term, it can be translated as "enriched."

This means that rich snippets are rich chunks of data when searching for information. That is, it allows you to highlight a part of your website when it appears in the SERPs, which increases visibility in relation to the competition, but also causes us to have greater authority than the others.

If Google decides to put these rich snippets on us, users will believe that it is because our site has greater authority and prestige, so we can increase the click-through-impression rate. So, when implementing a marketing strategy, it is essential to take them into account.

The truth is that these HTML code segments are part of our daily lives and we have used them countless times. As web surfers, we will surely give more importance to those that appear at the beginning and with certain highlighted formats, since it is what first catches our attention.

The best of all is that it adapts to different areas, no matter what it is. For example, if you ever wanted to search for "best hamburger restaurants in Medellín", you will probably get different places at the top, where users can review and all the information about the companies is displayed.

What are the types of rich snippets?

There are many types of rich snippets. The truth is that Google constantly updates its operations, so it is likely that, even if you browse daily, you still have not known all the formats there are. However, we will show you the best known ones that will be helpful for your website.

Featured snippet or featured snippets

Rich Snippet Example

Example of Featured Text Snippet

Perhaps one of the best known on this entire list. Basically, it is eThe fragment that has the most exposure at the time of being displayed on your website with a list of results. Generally, it appears in table format, above the results, and is positioned as the most relevant answer to a certain keyword or question.

In the world of marketing it is considered to be the "zero position" of search engines, as it is the best thing that could happen to you when it comes to positioning a keyword. It is difficult to achieve, since you must be at the top of everything in the SERPs, but the benefits will be incredible, because you will increase the click-through rate.

In the event that you have a brand, your immediate objective would be that, when searching for your company name, you manage to appear at the top. This is so because, in theory, you should have no more competition than yourself. Then, you should take advantage of it so that you have an outstanding fragment of your company.


Example of a local business or GMB Rich snippet

Another of the most viewed and the one we referred to in the previous example. When looking for different keywords that can position you in a specific field, Google will give you a list related to its Google My Business service. In other words, a "service" that all companies should adhere to.

Basically, organizations and companies offer relevant data to potential consumers: address, opening hours, services, photos and even prices. This allows them to be categorized in a certain place, in addition to providing the possibility for the users themselves to rate the establishment.

In this way, when you search for a specific business and even the category to which it belongs (best hamburger restaurants in Panama, continuing with the previous example), this enriched fragment will appear showing different variants in close proximity to location.

If you have a place where you offer products or services, without a doubt you should work on this aspect. Not only will it provide you with greater business opportunities, but it will also allow you to establish yourself as an "authority" within the digital world of your sector, since they offer you the possibility of being better positioned.


In this regard, you may be interested in positioning yourself for certain events, such as concerts, football matches or festivals. In this case, the dates, times and locations corresponding to these locations are reported.

This is useful to see the ticket prices, what the attractions are and what is needed (in terms of requirements) to access the show. If you are a company that offers these services, you should take it into account to position yourself well.

Film, television and music

When looking for "best Martin Scorsese movies" you will come up with different options related to their most important titles. This means that Google decides, based on certain criteria, which are the best productions of this artist.

The same thing happens when you look at a specific company. For example: "best Spanish series on Netflix." According to user criteria, relevance on the web and opinions of critics, a list is made that is constantly updated to offer relevant information to users.

If you have a website where you do movie reviews, you should be aware that you are probably competing with these rich code snippets generated by the system itself. What you can do is delve into some of these titles and offer interesting analyzes of the work.

Something similar happens with music. When searching for a certain song on Google, a small box will appear showing a photo, genre and members. In addition, the streaming services in which they are available and even the lyrics of the song you are looking for are included.

Kitchen Recipes

Rich Snippets - Cooking Recipes
Have you noticed? When you search for a recipe on the Internet, a main recipe usually appears first and even a list of possible variants so that you can prepare the dishes that you like the most. That is, organically, Google selects specialized sites of users or professionals who share their views of food.

This makes the content optimized for search and that it can be more easily accessible for those who want to cook quickly: you can see the ingredients, the steps, the instructions and the recommendations that you should take into account when you go to the kitchen to do it.


Popularized by the How To, these are rich snippets that show the steps you must follow to perform a certain action. As there are many, not all of them are always shown, but it serves to offer a preview of the indications that you should take into account.

In case you are interested in continuing to watch it, you can enter the link to have complete information about the tutorial. It is useful for everything: things related to technology, medicine and even cars. If you work in a field where you are looking to implement an inbound marketing strategy, do not forget to take this into consideration.

How to get rich snippets?

By now, you probably want to know how to get rich snippets so that you can implement them on your website. For them to appear, it is necessary that you have some slight knowledge of code, as you will have to make modifications in the HTML structure of the web. It is not difficult at all!

There are three types of data that Google allows you to modify to consider you as an option for these rich snippets:



Basically, it considers all the properties of the categories through tags. That is, it generates that your website is positioned before a certain item.


Through HTML5, data on different criteria (reviews, schedules, ratings, etc.) can be viewed by Google to be presented.


It is what causes the properties to show the rich snippets and to be distinguished from the other options.
How to get Rich Snippets
It should be noted that there is a tool, known as Schema Creator, which is used to enter all the important information of your website, in order to help Google track your location on the network. It is important to say that in no case does this supplant the SEO strategy, but rather they complement each other.

That is, this strategy will cause a considerable increase in the conversion of your potential clients, but it will not happen if you do not constantly work to establish yourself as an authority within your field. Touching the code without evaluating what the possibilities are to grow when faced with certain searches will not positively affect your work.

Either way, the rich snippets will allow your website to stay relevant and gain greater visibility. In case you manage to obtain it, you must remember that your site must be oriented towards your final objective, which may be that they contact you to find more information or buy your products.

If you use rich snippets to your advantage, you will see a very significant rate of users. Never stop working on the SEO positioning of your company, because you could lose the privilege that Google considers you relevant to show rich fragments that you had previously defined as interesting. We hope we have helped you!

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