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Web optimization (WPO)

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Web optimization

With the current situation, many companies have had to undertake digital transformation. Therefore, a large number of businesses have emerged online, and all of them with their website. However, simply having a website is not enough for your business to be successful. It is necessary that the web is well optimized. A website without optimization will not be able to position itself in the search engines. Most importantly, it won't deliver a good user experience. Thus, web optimization is essential for a business to prosper online.

Luckily, at Webart we have a web optimization service and we are here to help you. So next, We explain what it is and what we can do for you and your business. Ahead!

What is web optimization?

As an official definition, web optimization is the process of improving all aspects of a website and making it compatible with search engines. In other words, it is about adapting the web so that search engines like Google or Yahoo like it and show it in the first positions. In addition, the changes and improvements that are carried out with this process serve so that the users of the page have a good experience: fast loads, easy-to-understand menus, etc.

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What can Webart do for you within this service?

As we already know, in the internet world, Google is the almighty. For this reason, At Webart we take care of optimizing the web following the most up-to-date search engine rules. Google's algorithm is constantly evolving, and we take it into account with every website we optimize.

Also, think about how important the mobile versions of web pages are today. How many times have you been lazy to turn on the computer and have you looked for some information from the phone? You do it, and everyone does it! For this reason, think about how fundamental it is for Google that your website is optimized for mobiles and tablets. In Webart, we take care that your site looks perfectly both on computers and on smartphones and other devices.

Speed ​​page or page speed

As we mentioned before, Google is the king of the internet. But do you know who is even more important to your business? Your users, since these are your potential customers. Put yourself in their place, do you like to enter a website and it takes a long time to load? No right? Neither will your potential clients, and they will flee from a website that is very slow. So loading times must be optimized. If a website is fast, its bounce rate improves, since users do not abandon it. Likewise, it also improves the conversion: if during the purchase, the pages load badly, it is most likely that the user will go elsewhere.

But if your page is slow, don't worry! At Webart we take care of improving the loading speed. To do this, we use tools such as GTmetrix y Google PageSpeed. With these, we can completely analyze your website to see what aspects can be improved, and we will discover its PageSpeed ​​Score. That is, the score of your website with respect to speed. Once your website is analyzed, we will get to work to improve everything that can be improved. This way you will get a high score on both PageSpeed ​​and GTmetrix.

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Don't forget the cache

Another important aspect to achieve good web optimization is the cache. Many sites are either not caching optimized or not caching in any way at all, and that slows down the loading of the web. Do you want to know what is the function of the cache? Think of it as the one that reminds a browser that a user has already been there. This way you don't have to load the page again and ask the server again for all the contents. The browser already remembers them (because it has a stored cache) and the page loads faster.

Likewise, this will take work off the server so that it can function optimally. You will no longer have to respond to all requests with the full upload process, only part of it. So if your page doesn't have caching, what are you waiting for to contact us?

In Webart, we make use of WP Rocket. It is a Plugin cache for WordPress that takes care of the preloading of the files to speed up the web. Additionally, it minimizes the number of files the page uses to improve load times. And not only that, this tool also takes care of the CSS, Javascript and HTML optimization systems, the cache of DNS requests and can be fully implemented with CDN services such as CloudFlare (which we will talk about later). In short, it is a Plugin very speaker that will help your page stay optimized.

Image optimization

Images greatly influence the loading speed of websites. The number of images you have, the site they are on and the space they take up can make web optimization good or not. Thus, At Webart we take care that the images on your website are optimized.

An example of a good image for the web is the one in WebP format. It is a format that was born in 2010 at the hands of Google. Its main and most important advantage over other formats such as PNG or GIF is that they take up little space (or weigh little) and maintain the quality of the image even if it is compressed. In addition, like the PNG format, it also includes transparency in the images, and like the GIF, it allows animations. It's an off-road format!

In addition to the implementation of the WebP format, we also use Lazy Load tool for image optimization. It's about another Plugin WordPress, and this takes care of lazy loading (lazy load in English). What does this mean? That makes the images not load on the web until they are necessary. For example, images at the bottom of the page do not load until the user clicks scroll untill there.

image optimization

We use a good CDN to quickly reach all parts of the world

Finally, At Webart we make your website offer a fast and optimized service to any user, wherever they connect.. To do this, we use a CDN called Cloudflare. But first, what is a CDN? It is a content delivery network (Content Delivery Network) that include servers because they are distributed throughout the web so that the contents are offered to the user from their closest server. In this way, the loading speed is minimized, since the contents will be as close as possible to the user.

CloudFlare it's one of those CDN. This tool, in addition to optimizing the loading speed of your website resources, also provides metrics to know how well it is working. Likewise, it can be complemented with all the tools that we have mentioned above. What more could you want?

And, if you want to know more about Webart or what we can do to improve your business on the internet. contact us! We will advise you so that the service you choose is the most suitable for you.

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