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Every day it becomes more complex to compete with the accumulation of information that circulates in search engines. Learn strategies to improve and achieve positioning online depends largely on knowing the key to blog post with SEO. Therefore, we will show you some tips that will help you improve the way you stand out among search engines.

SEO: what you need to know to apply it

If you have an SEO-friendly blog, you can achieve good positioning, as well as online visibility. His power as market tool To present unique experiences to your target audience is second to none. The objective is that you generate more visits thanks to the traffic on your digital portal. This is only possible by applying specific advertising strategies that favor your positioning. online.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the information on your blog is aimed at your niche, yes, but search engines must find that useful information and attractive. For this, you need set a purpose. It does not matter if you are looking to sell specific products or services, or if you want to explain how your company performs a certain task, you must be clear about what you mean.

Setting a purpose means having the experience or ability to know very well the market and the public that you address. If this is diffuse, you can confuse customers, that they are not interested in what you offer or, even, disappear from search engines due to lack of traffic or that Google does not know how to identify well the purpose and target audience of your blog .

Define your purpose and get to the point

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The purpose of a blog for SEO is to provide the information you want to convey effectively. Therefore, you must synthesize your idea until achieving its simplest version. For example, if you want to sell a product that already has an established market, your purpose should not be to highlight the qualities of the product, since the public is surely familiar with it. Rather, it will show why they should buy it from you and not from your competition.

With the services online It does not matter. You must show the benefits that the client can obtain if they acquire the services that you provide that the competition does not offer. All this without forgetting that there may be new clients in the sector, so do not neglect the basics, it is important that be clear what you do and what you offer.

Establish your target audience

Once you have achieved your purpose (show a new product, an existing one, new services or the advantages of acquiring yours), you must define your target audience.

The companies that dedicate their commercial activity to the sale of goods and services marketed in a online They need to be clear about the target audience for their product. Knowing them will allow you to better meet their needs.

Ask you questions about your leads necessary. Age, gender, occupation or place of residence are basic questions that you must have resolved from day one. This applies to both former and potential clients. Have feedback of your customers is necessary to know your audience, once you have defined it. So don't skimp on being clear about who you are offering your product to.

Lean on search engines

Another essential element is knowing how search engines work. It is not necessary that you enter the world of programming or know in detail each element of the operation of search engines, but you must be clear about one thing: keywords are the allies of SEO.

Write a blog for SEO that can be easily recognized and positioned in search engines, that generates traffic and seeks the greater visibility possible, it is achieved thanks to the keywords initially. Choosing the ones that are attractive, simple, recognizable, or widely used is no easy task.

It is recommended that you do some research. For example in Google Trends you will be able to know the traffic of words related to your post.

Knowing what the traffic is for the most used keywords in search engines will help make your blog more SEO friendly.

search engines

So you can get a clear idea of ​​what type of words to use to position your blog, generate traffic and give visibility with the help of trends related to your product. If you also use the keywords throughout the content, you can have a better positioning.

Use titles that attract customers

In addition to the above, you should know that titles matter too. Remember that you need to make an attractive post for users and search engines. Therefore, finding titles that can be SEO friendly and appealing to potential clients is very important.

For example, if you post It is about vegetarian cooking and your title is "5 recipes of vegetarian food", you will think that everything will be clear with the title. However, it would be enough to check traffic on Google Trends to find out that "healthy" is a more searched term than "vegetarian." In that case, it would be more advisable for your title to be "5 healthy food recipes" and you would better position your post.

After the title, it is important to use suitable structures. Level headings (H1, H2, and so on through H6) are important, as search engines use them to understand your content. Use keywords in headings to rank higher for your mail.

Finally, we want to give you some more tips that could be adjusted to the content of your mail. In these also lies the key to write blogs for SEO:

  1. Use lists. This will optimize the way the information is highlighted in search engines.
  2. Add internal and external links with which the reader can interact to get more information, purchase products or use the knowledge you share.
  3. Optimize meta description and meta title to better fragment the information in search engines.
  4. Add alternative images and texts to the images to improve the experience of the web portal and position yourself in Google Images.
  5. Share your blog in social networks. Search engines often use them as a reference for trends. The hashtags with your keywords will also help in this work.
  6. Do not plagiarize. If you show authenticity, freshness and originality, the reader will appreciate it.

The key to understand how to blog posts SEO friendly is to know how it works. Follow our advice and you will see how your page manages to position itself.

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