How to Improve Your Website Conversion?

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Optimize a web page to increase conversion It is essential, in case you have commercial or traffic objectives on your site. Let's see more about this.

How can you optimize a website to improve conversion?

It is important to explain, first of all, what is conversion. Basically, it is the action that users take to enter a website. Reference is not only made to the visit through search engines, but also within the website itself, to an area established for commercial purposes.

That is, the conversion can be in two ways. The first is the one that refers to the information search through Keyword. The user has different options, which appear in the top positions of Google. The navigator sees the pages (what is called "impression") and has the possibility to enter it, which is called conversion.

The other alternative is that the conversion is generated within the website itself. That is, the user can enter a certain entry and even his own home, but the idea of ​​the creator of the site is that it is redirected to a section, such as the contact form or the purchase, in the case of E-commerce.

Ultimately, the conversion implies the action of the user towards what the creator of a website had pre-established. When it is achieved, the objectives are met. When it doesn't, it can be improved for better results. What you should know is that it can always be perfected.

Other sales channels

This section is really important. Sometimes organic traffic is not high enough to improve conversion on your website. However, that doesn't mean you can't complement it with other extremely popular channels these days, like social media.

Factors to increase conversion on a website

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To do it, you need to see what are the factors to increase the conversion of a web page. It is important that, first of all, you establish what your goals are to convert. If you only want traffic, you will prioritize positioning in Google. If you want to sell products, the interlinking it can be a great help. Let's look at more factors.

Content Quality

You can never forget the quality of the content. Suppose that your intention is to generate different inputs, with their corresponding Keyword, to attract the "clicks" of the user when the suggestion of your page appears in Google. When they come in, they consume your content.

Well, if you can't satisfy the needs of your user, they will probably abandon your website. There you will not achieve your objective, which may be, let's suppose, that they contact you to carry out an assessment of your service. Another option is that you recommend products that you have available in your web store.

Everything will depend on the theme of your website, since conversions are related to your intentions. However, in all cases you should pay close attention to the article you write. If it is simple filling, there is incorrect information or the quality of writing is poor, you may not get anything good.

The importance of metadata

Metadata helps the user to enter your web page. In case you want to increase the conversion related to Google searches, you will have to optimize each of these parameters. If you do not know them, the time has come for you to learn them to work.

Basically, we refer to those aspects that can increase CTR, which is the relationship between impressions and clicks on Google. For example, the meta description or the meta title are some of the metadata that you can modify, to improve the interest of the reader.

An example occurs with emojis. If you add emojis "naturally", you may be able to increase that rate. The same goes for meta descriptions, which can end up convincing the reader to click on your post. Thus, evaluates metadata, which is very useful HTML elements to improve results.

If you share your posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will redirect many users who know your brand through a certain platform, but who may have never discovered your blog. Without a doubt, it is a really useful strategy to increase traffic and sales.

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The use of statistics

Some web tools will allow you to understand what your users want and how you can do to improve your performance. Basically, you can see what is the time they spend on your page, how many impressions your entries receive and what is the rate of navigation that your site has.

By having accurate and objective data, you will be able to implement improvements that are useful to improve the conversion rate. If you don't pay attention to these parameters, you may your website is not optimized For the clients you want to acquire or the Internet users that you want to attract in a massive way.

User experience

Without a doubt, user experience is another parameter you need to solve in order to improve the conversion. Basically, it consists of seeing what the usability of your site is, in order that all the elements are optimized and that there are no problems that affect its success.

If your page does not have enough usability, you are going to get them to enter for a good job in terms of keywords, but you will never get users to get where you want. That is, you will stay in the first stage of the sales funnel, so you will never achieve the objectives you want to achieve.

In any case, you will be able to achieve the conversion if you take into account all these factors that end up affecting the results you seek to achieve. If you do a constant work with clear bases, you will realize that, sooner or later, your website will begin to position better, but you will also be able to convert more users into end customers, in case your goal is to sell.

Undoubtedly, the conversion is essential for any website that has traffic or commerce objectives. We hope we have helped you!

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