How to create a web page in WordPress?

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How to create a web page? This is the question that many people ask themselves because having an Internet site has become the main need for large, medium and small companies. Also, making the website is a requirement for many people who want to use the network for commercial purposes, hobbies and hundreds of more ideas.

To give life to each of those needs the creation of websites. Today we give you a complete guide on the topics and builders WordPress. In the same way, we will teach you how to create your own website with this CMS.

How to create a website with wordpress themes?

The templates in this content manager they are complete sketches for cyberpages. These include all the variants associated with the layout (colors, footers, headers, menus, etc.). Although they are already preset in the development of the theme, you can adapt them to your needs from the stylesheet that they bring.

WordPress components normally They usually have free versions and modalities at the same time premium. However, to begin with, you can choose from the thousands of free modules in the CMS directory. When you see that your site requires more advanced customizations, you can choose to purchase the license of the template that you consider most appropriate for your website.

This software, being such a large CMS, has thousands of themes that you can use for your digital projects. Next, we talk about some of the most used so far.

How to Create a Page With the Genesis Framework

This is a popular framework that It is based on child themes (child themes) and widgets. It is highly recommended by web developers due to all the benefits it offers.

Although this template is very complete, requires basic CSS knowledge and, for some cases, programming to be able to exploit its full potential.

How to create a page with divi

This has been a true revelation in recent years. Unlike the previous one, to use this structure you don't need to have programming knowledge. In fact, Divi became so popular because it incorporates the visual layout functionality, which facilitates the work of organizing and outlining the webs by using drag and drop for its modules.

This design skeleton is highly recommended for users who want to do the layout of their page by themselves and who do not have any knowledge about web development.

Even the paid version allows you to use an endless number of pre-designed templates so that you can configure your website at ease with a very good look and feel.

How to create a page with Avada

Nowadays is theme most popular payment on the market. For many years it has facilitated the creation of professional digital sites with an unbeatable value for money. That's where all his success comes from.

Count with one own builder system, which facilitates all the work of structuring the spaces online courses and you avoid having to install extra plugins on the server.

How to use the Newspaper template

Is the star template for news portals. It offers great flexibility and utilities for digital newspapers.

The theme has its own built-in organizer, which is a real gem for cover development. Likewise, brings preset layouts for diaries online courses. In conclusion, it is the best alternative to create information sites on the net with the minimum effort and the greatest possible professionalism.

How to Create a Website with Builders or page builders?

The builders WordPress, also known as visual mockups, sound software that allow website design easily. With these builders you can design the page to your liking. And the best thing is that it is not necessary that you have knowledge of HTML or programming, since with these tools you will only have to drag and drop the elements to add or remove functionalities.

The builders in this CMS they are necessary to facilitate the task of adapting web applications to the needs of each person without being an expert in web development or programming. Thanks to these functionalities, digital portals can be created extremely quickly.

Something very important to know about these add-ons is that, as they are external benefits, when adding them to your site they will consume server resources, which in some cases can be unfavorable.

Currently, there are many software of these. Next, we introduce you to some of the most popular.

How to Create a Page with Elementor

At the moment it is among the most popular WordPress builders and the one we use the most to create intiutive and beautiful web experiences. It has a free version, which offers basic functionalities. However, if you want to take advantage of all its benefits, you must purchase the version premium.

With it you can build a page with a great visual aspect, and the best thing is that brings the functionality responsive web design, so that it adapts to all types of screen with ease; very important that every web page must have implemented at present.

With this supplement you will be able to layout your sites without having to touch a single line of code. All construction is carried out in a perceptual way using the drag and drop system.

Version free This add-on provides you with 40 predesigned templates and 30 widgets Simple ones that allow you to do very cool things like carousels or customizations with HTML.

If you plan to open a store online courses, the paid part of Elementor offers spectacular features geared towards WooCommerce, which is one of the leading software for digital businesses.


How to Create a Page with Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Es very simple and light compared to the previous one. However, it is among the most outstanding on the market.

Something that has going for this Plugin is that with its free version you can do almost everything you need to build professional pages. It is a perfect computer system for newbies to web design.

In the free adaptation of this program, 25 templates and 23 widgets. In its paid presentation, it adds 17 additional functionalities to the previous ones and offers you free updates.

How to Create a Page with Beaver Builder

Like the first, it offers its system free y premium. And although it is not that popular, more than 500 websites use it.

It is a complement that allows you to play with the visual aspect of your page and, at the same time, see how the work is turning out. It has multisite functionality, which allows you to configure the layout of each site you create with a few clicks.

How to Create a Page with Live Composer

It is without a doubt the best choice if you don't have a big budget. It is an editor with a very intuitive graphical interface. It has a drag and drop system that makes customization easy.

A very important feature of this builder is that it coexists with almost all WordPress themes and does not leave any code after deactivation.

In the case of this layout designer, in its free scheme it provides you with 40 widgets, a portfolio type template and a blank one for you to design as you want.

Steps to create your website yourself

  1. Define the content and functionality of your website: The first thing you should do is identify the type of content you want to make known through your page. Likewise, it is essential that you are very clear about the objective of the site (sell, inform, attract subscribers, etc.). In this way, you will be able to define a design related to functionality.
  2. Choose and buy the domain name: This step is crucial and fundamental, since here you are going to choose the digital name of your website. It is very important that you take the time to determine which one is the most suitable for your project. You also need to try to choose a domain that is easy to remember.
  3. Buy the hosting or web hosting: The hosting It is like the house where your page will be hosted and that is why you must make the selection carefully. Keep in mind the magnitude of your work and the quality of the company from which you will request the service. We also recommend that you purchase the hosting from a company that offers cPanel, as this will make it much easier for you to install the applications on your server.
  4. Install WordPress: Once you've gotten here, you'll have most of your work done. This application will be the one that will allow you to set up your page on the web and, also, give it the customization you want with some of the add-ons that we mentioned above.
  5. Choose the theme more ideal for your site: This is where the magic of visual design begins. Depending on the purpose of your website and the budget you have for it, you should choose the template that best suits your needs and budget.
  6. Install the plugins or necessary accessories: The plugins They provide extra functionalities (contact form, social media buttons, structured data, etc.) that you need to add to your page. Here you can also install the layout designer you are going to use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating the website yourself?

Designing your website on your own has its benefits, but also its drawbacks. If you are not a web design professional, you will have to face many challenges that you will encounter along the way, although the experience may be pleasant and beneficial. Next, we will tell you about the pros and cons of this process.


  • Reduces the costs and price of site creation: This part is favorable because, in effect, you will be doing all the work, which goes from choosing the domain to beautifying the entire page. It could even be free if you choose to choose a domain that is not entirely your own. For example, instead of having "", you will have "". This option is not recommended because you would not be paying anything for that service and, therefore, it could be taken away from you at any time.
  • You can do it at your own pace: Another advantage is that you can take as long as you want to launch your website. But beware, this applies as long as you do not have the need for your site to be ready quickly, otherwise you will have to work a little.
  • You are free to do it to your liking and as you see fit: As the web is for you, you can design it to your liking; you put on it and take it off what you want.
  • You learn during the process: The best of all this is that you can acquire knowledge on the subject and even enjoy the process. You will be able to apply everything you have learned in new projects that you plan to carry out yourself.


  • Takes too much time: This is quite an important problem, since generally web design requires a lot of availability and, in your case, if you don't have previous knowledge of the area, it will take longer than normal. And if you have other activities to carry out, it will be very difficult for you to invest the necessary time in the project.
  • The final look will not look very professional: This is something that will be noticed for leagues. If you are not a professional in the field, your website will not look its best and it will not be as navigable either. Possibly, you put things that you should not add or vice versa; the order of the elements will not be the most appropriate and the purpose of the site will not be very obvious.
  • There are chances that it will not work properly: This is the most common problem you will face if you decide to design your website yourself. Many things will not work correctly and the worst thing is that, surely, you will not know how to solve the error, which will be a headache.

As you could see, WordPress is a CMS that offers you the benefit that you can design websites without having knowledge of programming or web development. In addition to this, it is a free content manager that is widely used today.

A large part of the pages that exist on the Internet are built with this system, which is evidence of how recommended and used it is. Therefore, you can set up your site online courses about this scheme with confidence.

And finally, if you plan to create a website but you have no idea How to create a web page?, It is very important that you determine what will be the functionality or objective of said site, because it will depend a lot on whether it is necessary to hire a professional service or not.

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