How much does a website cost in 2021?

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The cost of a web page can range from $ 400 to cost more than $ 10,000. It all depends on the requirements of the project and what problems you are looking to solve with a web project.

2020 was the year of E-commerce. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all companies had the need to digitize. In other words, in order not to close all their operations, they were able to offer different solutions over the Internet.

Those who already had an online system had to perfect it. Others, who had never been digitized, they found it necessary to do so to survive. All this, of course, led to changes in planning and many things had to be learned from the 2.0 world.

One of the first questions that arises is that of Create a Website. This is essential to be able to offer an online store, but also to have a digital space where they can learn more about what you do and what you offer. Basically, give information about the characteristics of your company.

At present, it is said that someone who does not have a space on the Internet does not exist. That is why more and more people decided to find out the prices and the launch of a Web page special. However, the truth is that there is no price for a job with these characteristics, but will vary according to the objectives to be implemented.

How much does a web page cost?

Not all companies have the same objectives or the same budget. Therefore, they will not want to spend the same money for certain situations, such as logistics. A business that ships only a few products per day will not need too many couriers. Well, the same goes for the digital world.

Sometimes, small businesses do not need the maintenance of a web shop, because they are dedicated to selling their products through social networks. This can be useful to start with, since they see that, through the customer service of one or two people who run Instagram or Facebook, they can sell out their products.

However, as they get older they begin to realize that you need to invest in a web design to get passive sales. This means that it will not always be necessary for there to be a person in charge of managing each purchase. In other words, it is not necessary that the same dynamics of the "real" apply to virtuality.

For example, when we go to buy a garment from a clothing store, a client usually attends to us to guide us and clear our doubts. If we associate this with a clothing brand on Instagram, we will be having the same dynamic: through the private message, a person in charge will give us answers to our questions.

Even through this system we will be managing our purchase. We will have to give them our address to process the shipment and, even, a payment link will be generated. Although it can be useful, the truth is that, sometimes, it ends up being exhausting and it is not always profitable.

This is especially important when you notice that your customer base is growing and you can no longer hire more people to take care of answering all the requests. In this case, it is preferable to generate an investment to have a automated sales system through a web page.

A Website For Your Sales or Services

Although they are usually the ones that require the most investment, e-commerce stores will allow you to obtain great results in sales almost automatically. Unlike the previous case, it will not be necessary for someone to be "guiding" the user's purchase. They will actually take care of the entire process through the system themselves.

In case they have a problem, they will be able to communicate personally with your company through social networks. However, the purchase will be available to them 24 hours a day, which is why you would be generating sales even while you sleep, Unlike the traditional system, where you depend on having people in charge to sell.

As we mentioned, It is an investment that, sooner or later, needs to be implemented. Having a good online store requires product maintenance and a constant update of the stock you have available, but you will be ensuring maximum efficiency when managing orders.

Companies that Landing Pages on One Page

how much does a one page cost

Another much more accessible option is to implement a landing page. Here you will have a much simpler web page, where you can explain what your company does, what it does and what are the ways to get in touch with it. Basically cut to the chase according to your goals.

This page is the one It will allow you to convert users into end customers. Here it is not necessary to implement an online store or a complex website, since your landing page may only want them to contact you in your physical establishment and even do so through social networks.

Its design is really simple, which is why It is usually one of the cheapest at the time. This is especially interesting if you decide to place advertising in Google Ads so that people come to this publication, where you will report on the activities of your company and show what services you offer.

However, it is also important that you generate quality content. Creating a website has its technical aspects (such as designing or hiring a server), but also its content. This is important not only from a marketing point of view, but also from a positioning point of view.

The Positioning of a Web Page

Positioning of a Web Page

The material you decide to put on the front page of your website should have a sales-oriented sense. That is, a professional will have to implement the most practical ways to organize your company digitally. To that, In addition, a job of SEO to see which are the most important searches of the users.

If you want a web page that covers more and more user queries, you will probably also have to implement a blog. There you will generate different articles, where you will respond to criteria related to your services to attract more and more people. Of course, this is hard work that will have to be constant.

However, this content marketing, where you offer relevant information to have a greater chance of getting customers, it can be really useful to have more traffic on your website. That is, it will not always be necessary to "go straight to sales", but it is also vital to generate original content.

The price of a copywriter will also vary depending on the needs. This means seeing how many articles you require for the blog, as well as the length and complexity of searching for the information. In any case, it is necessary that your website is made by a professional because an amateur job would generate a loss of your reputation.

A Website Adapted to Your Needs

In any case, a website will always have to adapt to your requests as a client. Not all ventures have the same needs, which is why the budget to implement will always be personalized. Namely, You cannot quote without first taking into account everything you are looking for.

Anyway, every brand needs to have a web imprint. You should think about it this way: if a person hears about you, the first thing they will do is search on Google. In case you don't get an official page, you will surely think that you have got the wrong name or, even worse, that you are not a company that you can trust.

The same will happen if you do it, but the design is unprofessional and the content does not respond to the search intentions of the users. That is to say, showing a poorly worked digital image will also be negative for your reputation, which is why you will be having negative results, instead of achieving positive things in terms of business.

The recommendation of a good website and why it is an investment

Therefore, it is always important be able to delegate the work to a specialized team, that takes care of both the creation and the content and design of a good website. All this, of course, depending on what you are looking for as a client and an expert agency that can guide you to the right platform to make your project a reality.

In the same way, you will be able to monitor each of the movements that are made on your page and decide what you want for the future. Maybe, at first, to test, you only want to have a landing page, but then you decide to cover much more and create a blog and even a digital store.

In any case, despite the advice, you will always have the last word to choose what you think suits you. Now that you know how much a web page costs in 2021, you can find out more information depending on the needs of your project and the budget you want to dedicate to insertion in the digital world. We hope it has been helpful!

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