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To improve the user's experience on the web, Google is in charge of constantly updating its platforms. Now it is the turn of Blogger, the preferred platform of the amateur storytelling. Google wants to make sure the web gets better for everyone as Blogger evolves on the mission of achieving a better web experience. On May 26, 2020, a lot happened on the blogger's backend, changes that seem to constantly evolve in many ways in which you express, write and publish your content. If you are among the millions of users who use the platform around the world, you must have seen a tab in the upper left that contains the notification to test the new interface Blogger launches a new interface!

On the other hand, the old interface can still be used and is optionally available. You can click "Try the new Blogger" in the navigation panel on the left. There are new features, or rather a refresh of the old ones. For example, in the case of creating posts in the new Blogger interface, the layout has been moved to the navigation to the right of the bottom line on the “plus” icon. As for the backend there was a big change and the HTML tag is no longer visually included, increasing the feeling of freshness with new functions on the fly. The posts interface has also made changes for the better, increased simplicity, and it's easier to keep track of comments, page views, and even tags without having to do them all manually.

In the case of the statistics summary, if you navigate to the left corner and click on the statistics tab. On the top line, this is what you will see:

  • Followers: the number of people who follow your blog.
  • Posts: the number of posts published
  • Comments: how many users have comments on your blog.
  • All the time: your general traffic statistics
  • Today: the number of users who recently viewed your page
  • Yesterday: the number of users who viewed your blog yesterday
  • This month: your overall traffic for this month
  • Last month: your overall traffic last month

The new blogger interface allows you to see more readers who actively engage with your content and love you for what you do. Blogger users will see the new interface become the default, although they can return to the previous interface by clicking « Return to Previous Version of Blogger »in the left navigation panel. The new blogger 2020 update has created a better way for blogger creators to express themselves and improve their search rankings.

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