SEO vs PCC (Google Ads)

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Table of Contents

SEO vs PCC (Google Ads)

To know which positioning system is better, if SEO vs. PCC (Google ads)It is important to know the two and their different qualities. Here we explain it to you.

Characteristics of SEO vs PCC

SEO and PCC are the two techniques of marketing search engines (SEM). They have one main thing in common: they help advertising to be found by people who search for what you do or sell on search engines, especially Google. 

  • Marketing with PCC. You buy spaces that appear at the top of the page (if enough is invested), at the bottom or to the side. PCC results often have the word "Ad" next to them, or are displayed in an image carousel with purchase details at the top of the page.  
  • Marketing with SEO. It works to gain places in the organic results; that's the term for all results on the page that haven't been paid for. For many search terms that means they appear below PCC results, but not always. Sometimes organic results can claim a rich snippet, like the answer box that appears at the top of some pages.

5 differences

Advantages and disadvantages to use each of these advertising positioning systems. 

  1. Cost. This is a difficult category to compare. While it may seem like there is a simple answer, since PCC is paid advertising and SEO is to be earned with work, it can be assumed that PCC is more expensive. Actually measuring the cost of SEO against PCC is tricky. When companies need to position their advertising with SEO it is important that they hire a specialist to help them, but, in general, the costs of having an expert are high; On the other hand, with PCC, advertising is determined by the investment made, if it is low there is a risk that the number of clicks is not very successful. 
  2. Speed ​​of results. SEO is a long tactic. It's waiting to spend months, or even years, practicing SEO techniques before you start to see results. And even then, the first results will not be for high competition keywords. With PCC, on the other hand, they can start arriving on the page first-time visits and get new traffic the first day a campaign is launched. PCC is often a smart choice for companies that are doing SEO, but want to start generating traffic faster, while they wait for SEO results to pay off.
  3. Control. SEO is about doing everything you can to tell Google which keywords you think it should rank for and showing that you have enough authority to get those rankings. While you can target specific keywords, you ultimately have very little control over which terms you will appear for. On the other hand, with PCC there is much more control. Paying for ads means you can decide for which relevant keywords your ads appear, who sees the ads, and how they look.
  4. Amount of work. Both SEO and PCC require continuous work. With PCC, you must complete keyword and audience research to determine the best targeting for your campaigns. Then you need to configure your campaigns, monitor them to see what is working, and make updates to improve results and make sure your budget goes above and beyond. As with CCP, with SEO you start with keyword and audience research.
  5. Click rate. Recent data shows a clear winner in this category, but it also shows that a lot depends on the type of device people are using. The SEO click-through rate for organic results on desktop is over 65%, compared to just under 4% for PCC ads. On mobile devices, organic results in SEO reach around 40%, and revenue on mobile devices exceeds 3%. Either way, organic results get more clicks, making SEO rankings more valuable to traffic once you get them.

When to use SEO and PCC

But when to use SEO? This depends on the priorities of each advertising campaign.

SEO is slower, however once you get relevant rankings the results last longer. A good ranking will continue to generate traffic as long as you stay near the top, and you can count on getting more traffic from a good SEO ranking than a PCC ranking. And while there is a cost to the work involved in becoming a highly visited page, once you get there, all the traffic sent to you is free.

El SEO is the long-term strategy that gives you bigger and more reliable results once it starts working. But it's tough when starting from scratch, and PCC can attract some of the initial traffic and attention you need to get your SEO efforts off the ground.

As for the when to use PCCIt depends on the investment that will be used to drive advertising. PPC generates faster results. You can start getting visibility and traffic from day one, but you must continually pay for each person you send to your website.

PCC helps you get the initial boost you need in visibility and traffic when your website is new or when your website is underperforming based on your goals. It's a good strategy to make short-term profits while you wait for your SEO work to start working.

Use both techniques

A good marketing strategy online combine the two tactics. It is a lot of work. But you don't need to learn SEO vs PCC (Google Ads) from scratch to start getting more traffic for your website. A good strategy is to hire a specialist in the field, to help you in the positioning of your website. 

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