5 steps to improve the SEO of your landing pages

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So that your store online be successful, you need to perfect the quality of the SEO of your landing pages. In this article we will provide you with the information that will help you to have a better reach in the search engines. We will structure the information in five recommendations.

Check your page speed

If the landing page from your online store require download many resources, it will take time to display on users' device. A few fractions of seconds can make the difference between gaining a customer and losing a customer to despair over a slow site.

Don't forget that a large part of your potential audience view your content from mobile devices. This requires the consumption of mobile data. This situation will motivate users to leave your page due to not having enough connection.

You can use some online tools to help you evaluate the loading speed of your pages. On the part of Google you can find Pagespeed Insights, a platform that measures the loading time of your site.

A time of 2.9 seconds places you within the 50% of pages with the highest speed. But if you manage to improve this period until 1.7 seconds you will be part of 75% of sites with less jamming.

How to speed up the loading time of your page? If you landing page contains images, you can choose to reduce the size of these. With the help of a Plugin this reduce the amount of kilobytes elements without losing sharpness.

You should also take care of the dimensions of these images. Instead of using a 640 by 480 size, you could opt for a 313 by 235. This way, fewer visual resources will have to be downloaded to view the page.

SEO landing pages

How to improve the SEO of your landing pages?

Keywords play a critical role in search engines. These phrases usually attract the attention of algorithms and they place them within the first results of the investigations. The problem arises if these words are generic or do not contribute enough to the search engine.

For your keywords to be attractive, you have to use phrases that are directly related to your offer. You can choose a combination of the following list with the expressions "price", "purchase", "discount", "promotion", "auction":

The idea of ​​this combination has two objectives. One is that the user knows without detours what action you expect from him. It is better to be direct and not hesitate. The other goal is for search engines to detect that your landing page has a commercial purpose and places it as a prominent result for anyone looking for offers.

Links to trusted sites

The network is made up of sites that provide reliable information and give value to the community, but also of pages that have no weight. So that you website can be considered reliable by search engines, you can place hyperlinks to authority sites.

By following these external links, won't you divert your visitors' attention to those pages? For this you must consider that you will not place hyperlinks indiscriminately. The algorithm detects that a page links to sites with unrelated themes and will not be deceived. Your links will be discreet and, in case the visitor wants to check the information, they will open a different tab, but without closing your page.

If in your landing page you provide a statistic, cites the source of a page with high SEO level. This will attract the attention of search engines for having linked to an authority site. The algorithm will consider that your content offers value to the network and will recommend it in its results.

Buy the domain and commit to it

Although the use of free domains can help you become familiar with managing sites, you should not use them for your landing pages. Their names are usually very long and difficult to remember. In terms of SEO, the visualization is very punished in those extensive and free domains. Is better than buy a custom domain for your page.

In addition to acquiring a unique URL for your business, use it for as long as possible. Even if you don't have visitors at first, don't renounce your domain and enrich it of content. Between more seniority and updates have your page, you will gain the trust of search engines.

Check that there are no broken links on your landing page

It may be that in an older version of your landing page or elsewhere you have placed a link to a section that previously contained content and then removed it. But months or years later, when visitors find that link and open it, they find an error in locating the content. This is what is known as broken links.

Another reason these problems may exist is because having changed the domain name and don't update the links. It may be that in your social networks you attached these left-wing And when a potential visitor wants to enter, they realize that it no longer corresponds to the page that was originally referring.

These problems are easily detectable, since they are usually accompanied by the notification "Error 404/Page Not Found«. If you website It contains them, Google and the other algorithms tend to de-index these pages for not adding value. Never forget this maxim: «What does not offer something of interest, neither to Google it will matter to you ».

How to know if your page contains broken links? You can use the application online Google Search Sideboard. Make a scan of your page, pay special attention to your landing page and the links that refer to it. Once you locate them, it will be enough to update the content. Or maybe you will have to renew the link if you have changed your domain in the past.

So that you landing page have an efficient SEO, it is recommended that you request the support from an agency marketing digital. By applying these tips and additional recommendations from these experts, your page will help you increase your sales exponentially. We hope this information has been useful to you.

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