The best ecommerce platforms for small businesses

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The best ecommerce platforms for small businesses

Have you recently started your business? Regardless of its size, you must learn to compete like the greats. How to do it? Electronic commerce. In this article we will offer you the list of the best ecommerce platforms. We will expose the advantages that each one offers you so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The list of platforms is not organized according to their degree of importance. Preferably go to e-commerce specialists so that you can create the best store online.

Find out which are the best ecommerce platforms


It is one of the most recognized platforms worldwide. About half a million online stores are set up under its platform. It is widely accepted among small entrepreneurs for the ease with which it can be edited and configured.

It has a very intuitive interface, which facilitates the operation of the site. It has tools for you to evaluate the performance of the page and to optimize SEO

You have hotlines available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. If you have technical problems, you can request support by phone, through the chat integrated in the site or by email.

Your customers can pay for their purchases through PayPal They are secure means that protect banking and personal data. In this way, users will have the confidence to pay for their shopping carts.

You can create an extensive catalog with your products. In addition, you can modify the information and the cost of the merchandise as many times as you wish. 


Using a Plugin WordPress you can enable one big store online with open source. In such a way that, if your page is built with this content management system, it will be easier to enable it. In fact, this factor has contributed to 26% of e-commerce is designed with this extension.

Thanks to WooCommerce you can sell physical products, info products and subscriptions to acquire content of your authorship. In addition to selling, it allows you to create an extensive network of followers.

Through WooCommerce your customers will have the possibility to make their purchases with credit cards, debit cards, Mercado Pago, electronic transfer, PayPal and other additional resources. These are just some forms of payment, since you can make available up to 140 options. The method to pay will not be an excuse for your customers to leave without having bought.

You will be able to register your products in a vast catalog. Add the characteristics of each of them and their price. If you want to highlight a merchandise novel or limited edition, you can make this distinction on the platform.

If any of those who visited the store left the process before making the payment, the platform will send them an email. It will be an invitation to complete the purchase. Many users who were initially undecided and left abandoned virtual cart they could go back to the store and complete the transaction.


It is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms on the market. It allows you to configure an extensive catalog of physical products and info products. Visitors may have an application in which they can check the existence of merchandise in inventory.

Transparency about inventory information allows customers to determine if they choose to show up at your business with the assurance that you have what they want. This platform also offers a tool for users to make price comparisons between similar products.

Get to know the ecommerce platforms


You should always think about selling abroad, outside the borders you will find clients with great purchasing power. How can you do it? Although the platforms of ecommerce that we already present to you will be useful to you, OpenCart offers you tools that will promote trade outside the country.

OpenCart allows you to place the prices in different currencies. Information about your products will be available at various languages. These two virtues will facilitate operations with foreigners.

It is true that its use is a bit more complex than the other platforms, but if you master it you will have a great ally in electronic commerce. If your intention is to explore foreign markets, this is an excellent option.


It is ideal for small businesses that do not have enough experience in handling technological tools. You will be able to configure it easily and you will have the opportunity to add free extensions.

This tool will help you a lot if your store has a limited catalog. But if your purpose is to increase the number of products, you may want to use another platform that supports more content. However, as a first experience for your business it will come in handy.


If you have zero experience in the use of digital trading platforms, Abante Cart it can be an option that will facilitate your operations. It has a simplified interface, to which you can add extensions to complement the functions.

One of the additional advantages of this tool is that you can download it and try it for free. However, you will have to have your own domain to operate your store. If you want to add more themes and extensions, it is best to purchase a license.

Which platform to choose?

 We cannot be categorical and say that one of them is the most convenient. You will have to evaluate the characteristics of your business so you can choose the one that meets your needs. Some of the factors that you should consider are the following:

We recommend that you consult experts in ecommerce to set up your store online. Make the most of the advantages that each of these platforms offers you and that your business grows as you have dreamed.

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