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Do you want to attract customers on the Internet with a Web Page?

Web-page design

When you think about showing your brand, product or service through the Internet, you undoubtedly want a page that stands out from the rest and whose benefits allow you to increase your sales or the visits of potential clients.

El Web Design It is a specialized area in which several stages are worked, ranging from project planning, proposal development, site creation and subsequent maintenance.

We have a team of professionals from the Web Design in Panama They provide you with all their experience so that you can obtain the best results by entrusting us with your project.

Web Design in Panama

What Industries do we specialize in?

We are specialists in building a wide range of Websites. However, there are some Industries in which we stand out especially, both in Web Design and Digital Marketing:

We have successful Websites in Panama, the United States, Brazil and Canada.

Web Page Design In Panama
Panama web design

What is web design?

It is the art of knowing how to present a product in an aesthetic way. As a branch of design, it is mainly oriented to know how to show the web; that is, to make the texts, images, videos, action buttons or any other element that needs to be incorporated, work as a whole to transmit a message and sell.

However, the designer must also understand the characteristics of his publication and master the different alternatives through which it can be viewed; achieving that the result is adaptable to desktop computers or mobile platforms without altering its aesthetics.

Interaction with the media and achieving a satisfactory user experience are other aspects that web design deals with.

How is our Web Development process?

When starting a new project, our specialists in Web Design they structure each of the phases of the creative process; making the final result reach the quality standards that we have set ourselves, while meeting the demands of our customers.

These stages are structured as follows:

Preliminary evaluation before web design

Preliminary evaluation and analysis

The review of each of the aspects of the project (type of client, market niche, strengths, weaknesses, success stories, trajectory, social networks ...) allows us to know your environment and take advantage of opportunities. If a web page previously exists, it is also evaluated to identify the elements that can be rescued in a redesign.

Web design planning


Setting a strategy to reach your goals is just the first step. In this stage, the activities that each team member will carry out during the development of the proposal are structured, so that the entire creative process runs in the same direction and generates synergy.

From Design to Development

Design and development

Once the work plan has been prepared, our team of professionals is in charge of developing the templates, iconography, locating the action buttons, distributing the images and content on the page. In this phase the texts are also written and optimized, so that based on them your page can rank above its competitors.

Publishing Your Website


When all the details have been covered, a final joint review is carried out and it is finally published on the web. From this moment on, all the interactions of your audience with the elements of the site will begin to generate information for further analysis.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement of your Website

Monitoring and continuous improvement

The data obtained as interactions with your page occur, are constantly analyzed to make proposals for changes, adjustments and improve / maintain your positioning through the main search engines.

Web Design Packages in Panama


Essential Web Design

10 Internal sections (home, who we are, services, etc.)

Basic SEO Optimization

Mail subscription system

Adapted to mobile

Integration with social networks

Google Maps

Plugin for email subscription

Photos from Freepik.com Premium and Envato

Contact form

Analytics to report visits

2 rounds of reviews

Thought To Generate Sales

Premium cache plugin for page speed

Cloudflare CDN on all plans


Web Design Plus

15 Internal sections (home, who we are, services, etc.)

Basic SEO Optimization

Mail subscription system

Adapted to mobile

Integration with social networks

Google Maps

Plugin for email subscription

Photos from Freepik.com Premium and Envato

Contact form

Analytics to report visits

2 rounds of reviews

Thought To Generate Sales

Premium cache plugin for page speed

Cloudflare CDN on all plans


Web Design Enterprise

20 Internal sections (home, who we are, services, etc.)

Basic SEO Optimization

Mail subscription system

Adapted to mobile

Integration with social networks

Google Maps

Plugin for email subscription

Photos from Freepik.com Premium and Envato

Contact form

Analytics to report visits

2 rounds of reviews

Thought To Generate Sales

Premium cache plugin for page speed

Cloudflare CDN on all plans

Our Websites include

High-end VPS hosting

VPS Hosting

99.9% uptime

Free SSL (https)

Nightly backups

100% SSD Cloud Web Hosting

Development of Pages in WordPress


Personalized design

Speed ​​Optimization

Beautiful Sell Oriented Design

Created from scratch without themes

Panama website design


Updates and backups

Security and malware analysis

Monthly performance review

Phone and email support

Why choose WebArt Panama?

It is important to recognize that the Web Design is our main passion. Our pages are identified by having a unique, clean and innovative design, according to the reality and needs of the client. The ideal handling of brand colors, combined with a good selection of images and impeccable-looking fonts; produce that professional style that appeals to your target audience. Additionally, the promotion of topics of interest, the use of keywords in the content, the precise incorporation of contact forms, calls to action and the use of tools to achieve SEO; are some of the characteristics that accompany our Web Page Design work. All these attributes allow us to highlight some benefits of our products:

Excellent user experience

Websites Focused On User Experience

Today, user experience has become a key factor within the Digital marketing. Our Web Pages have attractive, friendly and well structured designs so that they generate the impact you want and your clients have a pleasant experience during the interaction.

So that; A fresh page, constantly updated and whose content is interesting, will almost immediately become part of the favorites of your target audience.

Optimized Web Design

Even though a Website may be perfect for your clients, if it is not perfect for Internet search engines, it will be a wasted effort.

In this sense, we work to achieve Optimized web pages, that meet specific parameters that allow them to be easily identified by search engines.

Leave in our hands the production of a Web Page that communicates and sells what you need.

Web-page design

High quality VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Robust Hosting

Shared hosting is an inexpensive but not very functional alternative, especially for those companies that aspire to grow. 

We offer hosting of your Website in a Virtual Private Server, With which you will obtain an exclusive and totally personalized service, adapted to your needs, faster, more reliable and that also represents the safest and most stable option that will allow you to attract more traffic to your Website.

Developing your website does not have to be a complicated task when you have the right experts

At Web Art Panama we are a team of entrepreneurs, designers and programmers with the ability to create your website with high quality, in order to generate results.

Website speed optimization

When a site has been published on the web, there may be some performance issues. If the problem is also speed, it is a potential cause of customer loss.

En WebArt Panama We take care of analyzing the performance of your Website, using different tools that allow us to identify the causes and correct them at the root, thus offering the best service of Web optimization of the market to make your Website a compatible site with search engines, ensuring a good positioning and in turn, visibility for your customers.

Responsive Websites

WordPress Development or Doubt

WordPress web design

WordPress has become a tool that allows the user to publish content easily and safely.

This open source content management system (CMS) allows us to have a useful, versatile and continuously updated tool for creating Web Pages, Online stores and blogs. It is also a privileged ally of the robot Google And it is so adaptable that it allows us to incorporate many functionalities into our products.

Experience and professionalism

Our team is made up of professionals with proven experience and extensive experience in specialties such as Digital Marketing, Web Design, SEO, Ecommerce, SEO Writing and Branding. 

The performance of each member of WebArt Panama is measured based on the work and quality of the service that we incorporate into our projects; achieving that through the comments of satisfied customers, this company continues to position itself in a privileged position in relation to its competition.

Experience and professionalism characterize us
And, if you want to know more about Webart or what we can do to improve your business on the internet. Contact us! We will advise you so that the service you choose is the most suitable for you.

Types of Web Pages
to start in 2021

Online Stores For Marketing

Web Pages Focused on Digital Marketing

Specially designed to represent your Company or Organization, making known its values ​​and services. You will see a return on your investment quickly.

Web Pages For Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Websites

It is the face of your Online Store, where the main information of the company and the Featured Products are highlighted, among other important aspects.

Online Stores for Entrepreneurship

Personal Branding Web Pages

Every personal brand must have a Web Page that allows to project exclusivity and professionalism, as well as transmit its essence on the Web.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Design

There is no single answer to this question. The design of a website is priced based on the needs of each individual project. Our initial cost starts at $ 1190 for a corporate website and $ 500 for a One Page which is a very attractive option for entrepreneurs.

Each website is unique and requires different components; We design and develop custom websites specifically for your small, medium or large business. We will ask you lots of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based initially on our web design packages. Depending on the total amount of internal pages and extra functionalities, the cost of the same will be adjusted.

Initially we will collect information from websites that you like and examples of your competition in order to give you that advantage and web presence that you are looking for and need to boost your business, product or brand.

Using this information we generate a draft so you can review it online and give us feedback if we are going in the right direction.

In general, once we have your content, development will take 1 month. This includes the following:

  1. Initial draft with your content and images
    1. If you do not have the final content, test content and stock photos will be used to present progress of the site.
  2. Review rounds (according to the chosen plan)
    1. The rounds of reviews are worked with the complete feedback of the website in a single email, by the client.
  3. Optimization for mobiles once the website and its sections have been approved.
  4. Putting live.

Having a website is the first step to be found in searches. In order to enhance the expected result, it is recommended to purchase our package of SEO for a minimum of 3 to 6 months or even up to 1 year depending on the difficulty of the market in which you want to position yourself organically. 

We also offer Google Ads services to promote your site or product. It is paid for each click that is generated from google to your website and depends on the search in which you want to highlight. For example, if you are a construction company, the term could be "Construction company in Panama."

These products will not only offer you the best position in search engines like google, but also the ability to generate a database of customers already interested in what you have to offer.

We have the ability to maintain your website. But you will require a monthly maintenance package which varies depending on the number of hours and if it is a corporate website or a Online Store

We have editors on our team with the ability to write and research various topics in medicine, law, or various services. We can also generate SEO copywriting to position your business in search engines.

However, there is also the option of having the content delivered to us since you are the expert in your business.

Many times customers already have their web host to host their site. If not, we offer robust hosting for all types of web pages or advice on which to hire on your own to place the web page that 

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