Why is SEO important for SMEs during the coronavirus?

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The pandemic has caused major changes in our lifestyles, increasing Internet use exponentially and causing search traffic to drop to commercial websites in many industries. That is, it increases the time we spend on the web, but ironically it decreases the traffic in searches. We can say that the range of words that people search these days is reduced or, it is focused on specific points. This means that SEO is essential for your SMEs right now, if you want to be found, you must optimize your site. We are going to analyze the importance of SEO with respect to SMEs or small businesses, through the lens of trends and behaviors during COVID-19.

You've heard many people tell you that SEO is a must for their SMBs right now because Internet usage is the highest it has ever been. The first part is true, SEO is important, the second not so much. Yes, internet use has exploded during this outbreak, but this is not exclusively about online searches. In addition to searches, we must include a wide range of activities such as electronic transfers, virtual meetings, games, movie streaming, mobile applications, social networks and more. Traffic has decreased to non-essential commercial websites (many of which are SMEs), both paid and organic results, so we must sharpen the strategies and optimize each site for the moment we are going through.

For non-essential and temporarily closed businesses, SEO seems much less important but it is not, it could even be essential. For all SMBs, a different approach is necessary to positively impact your website traffic. We can take advantage of the following points:

    • The word COVID-19 is trending: the coronavirus won't be at the forefront of the search forever. 
    • Content is still key: It's okay to write on trending topics related to your business, but these pages will naturally decrease in traffic over time. Content written on enduring topics within your niche, on the other hand, remains relevant and accumulates traffic over time. As such, there is never a bad time to post content on topics that do not expire.

  • SEO is not just about traffic: The purpose of SEO is not simply to increase website traffic but to increase qualified traffic. This means it can help you identify highly qualified leads for your business, even nurturing it in the future.
  • SEO gains are long term: SEO is all about gaining the trust of search engines, and the only way to do this is slowly, over time, through consistent results. Since significant SEO gains usually don't happen for another three months or so, there are many things you can do now that are worth your time.

In fact, a study by Ahrefs found that only 1% of the top-ranked pages on Google were less than a year old.

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