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How to position your page in 2021 knowing these 10 important trends

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The best way to attract people or potential clients to your website is to do SEO positioning. This must be constantly adjusted to be able to appear in the first places of any search in Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc. This will show our information as relevant and give people what they are looking for. Throughout this article, we will teach you some trends that you should take into account to learn how to position your page in 2021.

All search engines are updated and feature new features every year. The duty of people who have a web page is to be aware of recent modalities.

These updates are not normally revealed to the public in a very direct way. However, some trends are being created that will tell you what to do. Here are the most important ones.

1. Artificial intelligence will be more relevant

For this year, the algorithms used by automatic information search systems, which can also be called Artificial Intelligence (AI), will play a much more important and crucial role when it comes to positioning a website.

If we think about its beginnings, these systems were only used to search for information based on a keyword that people provided. In addition, they did not have the memory to adapt to the tastes of each user or their behavior. Current technology has turned this situation around completely and now they are able to carry out these and other actions.

It is said that the AI ​​used by information management companies on the Internet will be able to begin to determine more effectively if a site has valuable information or is relevant. They will do this through the interaction that people have on the site they accessed in search of something specific.

2. Include videos in posts

Nowadays, a good percentage of consumers of content that is provided through the Internet prefer those of a visual nature over any text. It is no coincidence that YouTube is one of the most trafficked platforms in the world. So, if your website does not create video content, you should start thinking about this idea. Of course, without neglecting the written posts, since they are very important.

Having a video channel can make your website gain more followers or leads. Since we are talking about SEO, the use of keywords in the descriptions of the videos is essential. In this way, you will reach a wider audience in general.

3. Optimize all images on the web

Not everything that is done to position a web page is to use keywords. Images are also very important to highlight the content that is being talked about. On the other hand, the technologies that have been developed in these years allow a person to find any product only with a photograph of it or something similar.

To do SEO through images, what you have to do is choose quality images, use the keywords in the alternative tag and thus, when you search for it on the Internet, it will be able to redirect the person directly to the place. Sometimes images are put on the site map, which is the part of a website that is easiest to track.

4. Voice search is becoming more and more

Each operating system has its own smart assistant. In fact, to date, the number of homes and users that have speakers of this type is increasing. In light of this, it is a good idea to optimize your website using voice search. To do this, focus on keywords, especially those that people use in their daily lives and that are long expressions, since they obtain better results.

5. Comply with the Google EAT principle

Google, being the best company and a benchmark when it comes to talking about the internet, always considers that the quality of the content found on a website is the most important thing. However, this is measured with the EAT criterion (experience, authority and reliability, of course translated from English), which is measured more than anything in business or E-commerce niches.

Some good ways to comply with the EAT principles are to have external links from trusted pages ending in .edu or .gov. It is also excellent to know which content is valued the most on your website and to pay more attention to this.

The formats of the content also influence not so much the rules but so that people are comfortable with what they see and search engines rate the site according to the time and use that is given. If content is made for young people, videos are very popular, while, on the contrary, adults tend to accept written information better.

6. Prioritize data and its analysis

Statistical data have begun to be a very important index when it comes to positioning a website. Taking into account information such as load times, conversion rate, referral sources, redirects, errors and more, you will understand a little better the people who visit the site. This means that you can create quality content according to the tastes of the public.

On the other hand, unusual traffic sources can make your site untrustworthy by EAT criteria. Analytics tools will help you know this and block such referrals. Now, with regard to SEO, there are some tools capable of scanning a page and showing the errors that need to be corrected. Having a meticulous control of anything that happens on the web, can keep it in the first places of the search engines.

7. Keywords with semantics

It is very important to achieve a good positioning that the primary keywords together with the secondary ones are well related to each other. Semantic search by engines has become more relevant in recent times. It should be noted that Google no longer only analyzes the presence of a keyword within a text, it also checks if it is in a valid context. This with the intention of providing relevant and important information and that is exclusively what the person is looking for.

What words with semantics do is that so users carry out research with synonyms of the keyword, the search engine will interpret this and it will be able to find your website in a more efficient way. In the past, any search engine and SEO professionals only focused on one phrase, with no modifications.

8. Predictive search will improve

Google Discover is a tool that has become a trend lately. This has the ability to analyze what a person does on the Internet and learn from it. These behavior patterns are recorded so that the system is able to discern what content the person will like at any given time.

It seems that this only benefits customers, so how does it benefit to position a website? The answer is that, if Google indexes your website with this tool, people who are interested in your niche will find your information more easily, and many times without even looking for it.

Although Google has not been noted much with this issue, it can be assumed that some factors that help this process are browsing histories and the locations of both home and work, among others, which are very relevant to be able to fully adapt to the routine of each person.

9. Compatibility with mobile devices

In 2019, almost all search engines implemented mobile-only indexing. This means that, when entering a website from a smartphone, you will access a version of the same site, but optimized for the screen of the cell phone or tablet.

Currently, most people use the Internet for the longest time from their mobile. Whether they do it for convenience or preference, a site that is not ready to be displayed on phones will not be taken into account by any Internet search company.

So that this trend does not catch you off guard, web page builders always give the option to check mobile usability. Also, you always tend to use the same tags for any version. Thus, Google will not have problems indexing with the site.

10. Long-form content

It has been proven that posts of more than 900 words tend to get at least three times more traffic, shares and backlinks than articles averaging 1500 and 2 words. This is where the H3 and HXNUMX have a great place. This is thanks to the fact that, being a very long text, having several subtitles will make it easier for computerized systems to scan.

You already know how to rank your page in 2021. If you apply these new trends, your website will rise to the top of the top in search engines. This will, of course, increase your customers and your sales. May you do well in your new project!

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